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JB Entrance Exam Preparation Group


Small group (8-15p) depends on tested levels.

Subjects prepared: Français, Mathematic and Logic.

Skills developed : sense of logic, technic and mechanisms about question answering, time management strategy.


Public class:  10:00-11:30 Friday, April 19th, 2019

Learning Center:


Session before summer 2019 : (8 cours in total)

18:00-20:00 Friday from April 26 to June 14

Fee: 400 $ for whole session


Each student is different with his weaknesses and his learning strengths.
We will first assesses his academic knowledge and his attitude (apprehension, confidence, doubt) through the examination.

Assessment of the current level
Choice of integrating the student into appriopriated group

Included: supervision, correction, evaluation and ranking report


What to bring
- A copy of the last reports card
- A pencil, an eraser, a blue pen, a yellow marker and a set of geometry


- Assessment examinations dates in demand- 



In our learning centers in Westisland and Montreal.

■ Group lesson schedule (average of 8-15 students)

For students who have passed the evaluation with a score of 85 /100 or higher. You also have the option of requiring an addtional individual course*.

Price: $ 400

* Need to pay according to induvidual course rate

- Group Schedule - 

Schdule before summer: (8 cours in total)

18:00-20:00 Friday from April 26 to June 14



All students are invited to take a simulation exam in the real conditions of the entrance examination.

Objectives of this simulation:

Learn to work quickly and calmly: I stay focused even if others have finished before me.
Answer as many questions as possible: I answer all questions to the best of my knowledge.
Review the questions: I review the questions at the end of the exam to ensure the quality of my answers.

- Next simulation exam date to be determinated - 

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