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Our Teachers

We have a team of teachers consisting of Chinese teachers and foreign teachers. All of them have a background in teaching and learning in higher education institutions and are rich in teaching experience. They have standard French pronunciation, patience in teaching and responsibility for each student which could be school-age students or adults, every student in the classroom is active.we believe each student could create miracle, so we teach students in accordance with their aptitude and respect each child’s learning ability, value, and encourage parents to participate in the children’s learning process and progress.

Sarah Yang

Sarah Yang

Founder & Principal 

Immigrated to Canada in 1997
20 years experience in education

Helping children to  achieve their dream of success
Cooperating with many famous schools and universities in North America



Director of Pedagogy

10 years experience as a teacher and headmaster in the public French Education system
2 years experience as a secondary teacher in the Quebec Education system



Senior French Teacher

Ms. Jocelyne is a retired teacher with 33 years of teaching experience in French. She is familiar with the syllabus of the primary and secondary school entrance examination. Her class teaching is lively, humorous, and interesting, which has always been beloved by students and their parents



Senior English Teacher

Julia has taught English and ESL to both children and adults at various institutions. She loves the performing arts and has also taught theatre skills of acting/voice and speech at The National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal, Harvard University and The American Academy of Dramatic Art in the USA



French Teacher

Ms. Carole is an amazing educator with a Master's degree, and with over 7years of experience. Her active and facilitator teaching style has been adored by students and parents



English Teacher

Honours Bachelor degree in English and Philosophy from the University of Toronto, Brandon has many years of experience in primary and secondary schools' 'English teaching in Ontario. The students he taught improved their average scores by more than 10 % within a short time.



French Teacher

Mr. Petit is a senior teacher/book editor coming from France. He taught in high schools for over 11 years. He has a pure French accent and rich experience in French readings. He advocates the gradual learning of pronunciation, grammar, reading, and writing.



Bilingual Teacher

CSMD English teacher, part-time French course teacher.

Over 20 years of experience in language teaching

Solid teaching skills, to help students overcome learning difficulties

Amelie Pelletier.jpg


Bilingual Teacher

CSSDM French teacher, part-time English course teacher.

Over 8 years of experience in language teaching. Her natural and smooth teaching style has been recognized by many parents and students

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